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Friday, July 27, 2012

Stress free, finally!

I've been feeling a little stressed this past week.
A little bit like this:

(Photo courtesy of Autumn Rose Photography)
That is Levi, circa summer 2010, by the way.

This week was finals week for the summer semester and I literally JUST submitted my last assignment.

We will be trying out another new recipe this weekend, so that will be showing up in the coming days.
Sneak peak: it's lamb.
It was supposed to be on the menu on Tuesday - but look how well that's turned out.
Today we had Kraft macaroni & cheese and green beans from a can.
Gourmet cooking, I'm telling you.

But now I'm feeling a little more like this:

No shame. We keep it real around here.
Messy hair, no make up, tired eyes.
BUT I'm happy and wearing a neon pink t-shirt... and giving that awesome thumbs up.

Sweet dreams, readers!

1 comment:

  1. Well, welcome back! Gabe is precious, and Levi is certainly becoming a handsome young man! Hope you all are doing well.


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