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Saturday, March 24, 2012

One down. 135433125 to go!

My little blog is getting off to a slow start. That is perfectly okay by me, because at least it's going!

I spent the last few days working as quickly as I could on a special treat for my littlest little guy. If you know me, you know I have more ideas than I can possibly make the time for. And so, because of this, I have a to-do list about three years long. But then again, what crafter doesn't? I mean, really?

Especially with the new addition of Pinterest to our lives? I know your list is just as long. It's okay.

I've recently decided that my crafting has hit rock bottom... not okay by me. So I'm powering into projects as often as I possibly can. I will soon be showing you all the projects I've recently completed in our tiny little apartment.

The goal is to make our home feel like just that... home. Because before now it's really just felt like the place where we keep our stuff. I've never really decorated or fully unpacked.... We've lived here for 7 months. Shame on me!

However, the main focus of this post is really supposed to be on my cuddly baby, Gabe.

Trust me when I say that this kid doesn't want for anything. He is absolutely spoiled rotten (as is his older brother!). However, I felt that he needed something made just for him by his Momma.

Personally, one of the things that I feel like a 3 month old can never have enough of is blankets! Actually, I don't think you can have enough blankets at any age. I love them. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm actually kind of scared to see how many we'll collect by the time the boys are in high school...

But I'm sure I'll be mighty happy with blankets filling our closets! And we'll never be cold, always a plus.

I wanted something bright. A fun pattern with some neutral grey and a pop of color. Being super soft is a definite must.

Green, black, grey, white... Perfect for my boy!

Normally I don't go to Hobby Lobby for fabric... the day I desperately wanted to get started, though, was drizzly and gross outside; Hobby Lobby is our closest option. I much prefer to have a broader selection of fabrics, but I'm so happy to have landed on this beautiful print!

I used the Faux Chenille Blanket Tutorial by Dana over at made. Her tutorials are so wonderful.... Beautiful pictures. Perfectly worded instructions. Great ideas. I'm envious, that's for sure.

I absolutely adore those super soft stripes. The best part is that they will only continue to get softer the more my boys love on this blanket. I really love the feeling of fulfillment after finishing a project... it makes me so incredibly happy.

Little Mister just loves it! Which is good because he's about to spend a lot of tummy time on this blanket... when are you going to learn to roll over, kid?

I am looking forward to the day I look around my home and see it filled with things made by my own hands. Thankfully, that day is coming soon. I can feel it!