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Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh no.

My computer is down for the count - I will continue to try to post from my phone and other computers until its up and running again.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Treasure Hunt

*These photos are from my cell phone - my camera battery needs charging. boo.

Today, Levi and I went on a new adventure.
I told him we were going to go on a treasure hunt.
He was so excited; talking about the map, 'x marks the spot,' the treasure chest and all the stuff we were going to find in it!
We were going geocaching.

I downloaded the geocaching.com app, but when we went to the destination of the first cache, it proved far too difficult for my three year old - we needed something that would be quick and easy to find.
Since the free app only gives you three locations near you, and always very small caches, I hopped on the www.geocaching.com website and found a LARGE cache for us to hunt down.

Thank goodness for smartphones! 

I also had to download this GPS app where I could plug in the coordinates that are provided on the website and lead us in the right direction.

The gate to the park was closed, so we had to park the car and go for a walk.

We did some hiking - not to self: DON'T wear toms next time... ugh.
We quickly found our prize!

It was so much fun looking through the bucket and seeing all the treasures.

With geocaching, you sign a log with your username and the date... 

You leave a small trinket and then you get to take a trinket with you.

This specific cache was near a playground, so after we re-hid the cache, we played for a little while and then trekked back to the car. 
On the way, we came across some hoof prints in the gravel.

Levi wanted to stomp all over them.

We're definitely going to do this more often... 
it's fun, exercise, fresh air, and best of all - FREE.

Do you geocache?
Do you use this website too?
Feel free to share your username or some cool finds!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

To the New Year.

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted something.
Things have been interesting, to say the least.
We're still not in our new home, so that has been making things complicated.

It's almost time for the new semester.
I'm hoping my class load this semester turns out to be a little less crazy.
I don't have any science classes - that should tone down the crazy by itself.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and summertime with my boys.
But until then, each month is going to bring new and wonderful things.
- the new school semester. one semester closer to the end.
- INSANITY. yep, the workout... I'm starting it and in two months, I'll be finishing it.
- Las Vegas. My first time ever... I'm really excited for that trip.
- New goals for 2013. Still working on those.

No pictures.
My camera is packed away somewhere.
My last few posts haven't had any pictures.
How terrible of me. I've broken so many rules.
Oh well.

Happy 2013!