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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Physics is kicking my butt.
I briefly considered dropping the class all together in a moment of desperation when my brain was fried from crazy amounts of stress...
But I can't do that.
I won't do that.
If I chose to drop the class, I wouldn't meet my personal goals...
and I know I can get through this and pass this class
and meet on of my goals.

Associate's degree completed in December 2012

I've been doing almost nothing other than:
cooking, cleaning, and homework.

I have plans.
Lot's of crafting plans.
I just haven't had time for any of them.
It makes me so sad.

We're moving at the end of this month as well.
So, I'll soon be cooking, cleaning, packing, and doing homework.
But somewhere in there I'll be squeezing in some sewing so that the boys have Halloween costumes.
Possibly my own costume as well.

Here's to planning some better time management!
Winter break can't come fast enough.

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